“The Society is an exclusive, high-level, international personal growth, networking, and mastermind group created by seven-time New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss.”


The Society exists to provide cutting-edge training, developmental materials, and one-of-a-kind adventures to an exclusive global fraternity of like-minded people focused on becoming their best selves. Members encourage personal and professional growth through honesty, accountability, and brotherhood.


We believe so strongly in the importance of these traits below that every member signs a code of honor agreeing to abide by these and other precepts:

1.) HONESTY: Society members benefit most from the group and intensives through full and candid disclosure. Lying in a meeting or to other Society members is strictly forbidden.

2.) TRUST: Personal and business information shared within The Society is confidential, and not to be shared outside of Society meetings.

3.) RESPECT: No single person in The Society is of lesser or greater value than any other, no matter what their accomplishments may or may not be. All members are to be treated with equal respect and courtesy both to their face and behind their back. Any criticism must be intended as remedial and constructive only.

4.) ACTION: The Society is based on not just the sharing of information, but its transformation into action. It is expected, as a condition for membership in The Society, that members will make significant and noticeable improvements in their lives, whether social, spiritual, career, or material, over the course of a year.

5). CHARITY: The Society believes in service and giving back. Members must be willing to give back to their communities, to their friends, to their families, and to their fellow members. Most recently, members built five e-learning schools in Africa.

Our members comprise award-winning artists, international entrepreneurs, tech CEOs, and professional athletes, and visionaries who defy categorization.

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