How Involved is Neil in The Society?

“I’d say, next to my books and maybe writing for The New York Times, The Society is the thing in my life I’m most proud of. ” — Neil Strauss

If you want to learn from 7-time New York Times best-selling author and journalist, Neil Strauss, you need to apply to be a part to The Society.

You see, for years, Neil taught seminars all over the world.  He developed a reputation for delivering top-notch information and his sessions were regularly sold out.  But as he continued to teach his world-class materials, he was regularly faced with something that left him dissatisfied. In cities where he would go back to do workshops year after year, only a handful of guys he’d worked with in the past ever actually did anything with the material that he was providing.  The rest would come back to another seminar, take a lot of notes and then… do nothing.  And Neil asked himself, “Why am I doing this if most of the guys I teach aren’t actually using the life-changing information to become better men?”  He considered ending his coaching and training altogether.

But then he had a great idea. “What if I only taught a select group of guys — the rare type of guy who’ll actually use these materials to become the best men they can possibly be?”

And from that, The Society was born.

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