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They get results. But more important than everything you will read below, they form true friendships that last. This is because every member is carefully screened through a proprietary system, and there is no one in this group who you couldn’t trust with your wallet, your partner, your life.

So read on about members achieving millions of dollars in funding, meetings with heads of state, and sky-rocketing their entertainment careers. But know that more valuable than any of these incredible accomplishments is a true best friend for life. Or 99 of them.

Life Transformations

“In The Society, your life can change in ten minutes”Adam T.
Oversees Renewable Energy Projects
For one of America's largest cities
“I don’t think I could receive this type of training and this type of content anywhere else for any dollar amount… and I’ve looked.”Brad H.
Angel Investor
“What I’ve gotten out of The Society is more than doubling my salary… I’ve come from a place of being very good at what I do to becoming much better, if not one of the best.”Daniel G.
Leading Australian Entrepreneur
“I just met with [the CEO of the company] this morning – I just got another promotion. This is my second one in the last year.”Joe D.
V.P. Operations (Company Name Withheld)
“I would mark the best day of my life as being a direct result from speaking with Neil and joining The Society.”Lynn H.
Retired at 30
“Some of this stuff you might be able to get in books, but a lot of it is like ‘Black Ops’.”David B.
Self-Improvement Guru
“If you can do this you can do anything… There’s really no limit to where you can go.”Mike T.
Corporate Espionage Consultant

Professional Transformations

“Sold a .com to one of the 5 fastest growing companies in the world, raised $50,000 at a fundraising gala, and built 5 e-learning schools in Africa.”D. S.
“After joining the Society, not only did I start my own tech company, but I was able to get invited to the Prime Minister of England’s house to discuss flood relief efforts in the U.K.”R. A.
Tech Entrepreneur
“My business contracted an agreement with two 10-billion dollar organizations. We’ve successfully raised $500,000.”A. S.
Head of Business Development
“Published twice in Forbes, invited to join business development team, received email praise from the Secretary of Education’s Chief of Staff, and met dozens of incredible founders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.”B. H.
Options Trader
“After masterminding with The Society in St Kitts last December, I moved to a new job that pays double and I work half the hours—and, in my spare time, I built my own recording studio.”J. W.
Former Google Executive
“Started a private business that results in being paid to take beautiful women to clubs. Business has been featured in Urban Daddy, The Sovereign Man, Amazon, NY Magazine, Stereogum and many other websites and publications.”E. W.
Business Owner & Entrepreneur
“Asked to testify before Congress, had an article published in the Huffington Post and just released my first book.”C. H.
Owns a Bank
“I started a protein company with an entrepreneur I met in the group, and I now perform classical music in major concert halls all over the country.”J. T.
Symphony Violist
“I’ve been cast in a reality TV show about successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30.”Name Withheld
Occupation Withheld
“Built my own media production company and finished my first book.”L. F.
England's Top Personal Trainer
“Landed my largest account and my highest personal monthly income.”Name Withheld
Occupation Withheld
“Created my latest huge (and successful) art installation.”C. K.
Acclaimed Visual Artist
“I made $17,000 in 2 weeks by applying a tip I received.”Name Withheld
Occupation Withheld
“Vanquished two local business foes (and there were very few foes to begin with).”B.R.
Occupation Withheld

Physical Transformations

In The Society, members make incredible physical transformations alongside personal and professional ones.

What Members Are Saying

“My time in The Society has been one of, if not THE MOST influential period of my adult life and has completely changed my perception and path forever. I can’t thank everyone enough.”A. D.
Food Entrepreneur
“I have received better resources and help over the last two years in the Society than I have over the last 20 years of speaking with alleged mental health professionals—being a Society Brother really can change your life.”B. O.
Financial Planner
“It’s only been a few months and one intensive
and my life is accelerating in the positive at a blinding rate. Thank you for the invite to this amazing group.”P. B.
“There’s this bone-deep commitment towards making sure everyone in The Society achieves what they want to. Not only do you have a group of individuals that hold you accountable and want to see the best for you, but the resources are there to actually help provide that path. I think this society is just one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to invest in yourself.”D.B.
Self Improvement Coach
“I am looking at the world through entirely different eyes… Neil Strauss may have saved my life.”J. C.
Former Google Executive
“I speak with Society brothers more than my friends from home and my family combined. I cannot even start to express how much that means to me. So many of my Society brothers are really growing and becoming greater people, while so many of my old friends are exactly where they were 5 or 10 years ago. It’s been worth every penny and pain along the way.”B. B.
“The success I have had in the last two years has been exponential compared to the last decade, and the main factor has been this group—so for that I’m forever grateful.”A. S.
Head of a Billion-Dollar Company
“I cannot believe how far I’ve come. The person I was just over a year ago—when I walked into Neil’s house in Malibu for the first intensive—no longer exists. It’s astonishing.”A. T.
Urban Planner

Membership in The Society is exclusive and by invitation only. Only 2.5% of applicants are accepted.

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